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Sam’s Roadside Service Nov 24
down to 9 five star reviews from 34. None of my competitors have any of their reviews suppressed. I got a phone call from your service saying they could solve my problem for the low low price. This is literally a protection racket.
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Sam’s Roadside Service Nov 29
Replying to @Yelp @BobSegallWTHR
Down to 8 reviews from almost 40 five ⭐️ So your plan is to move me down from the number one spot then sell me the advertising space at the top of the page. Not cool have you done an investigation on this racket yet
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brian pearson Nov 29
This is exactly how they did the company I work for. Buried the 100 or so 5 star reviews, and promoted the three one star.
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Bob Segall Nov 29
Feel free to send me more info!
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Sam’s Roadside Service Dec 16
Replying to @Yelp
Awesome.... down to 6 five star reviews on from almost forty. After 2 recent five stars I lost more. Somebody needs to create a review site that reviews the review sites.
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