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bass in the face 6h
I’m tracking bass today, think I’m gonna bring my but I know I’ll end up using my signature bass from 2008 (white lights) she/he can’t be beat, not even by a legend like jack
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Easy Star Records Dec 10
"Good vibes flowing" because the lyric video for 's new single "Turning Back" feat: is here!
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This line up looks dope & is about as close to a show with & that we’ve seen since SWR started. Wonder if they will ever tour together 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Consequence of Sound Dec 8
Ice Cube and MTV are rebooting Celebrity Deathmatch. Yeah, you read that right:
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Sublime With Rome Dec 7
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Such a treat when you go to a record store & stumble across some limited/rare records. We found an ultra rare & sealed copy of 2004 “In With The Old” vinyl for $15 at — What gems have you found at the Record Store lately?
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Easily one of the Top 2 or 3 albums that came out in 2018! Mad Caddies - Punk Rocksteady! Reggae covers of Punk classics. Sounds good streaming or spinning! 🤘🏼😎 @ San Diego, California
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Buck-O-Nine Dec 7
Hey Everyone!! We are excited to announce the release of our new album! We've been writing and recording all year and we're finally done! The album will be released on Cleopatra Records in April 2019! We are...
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Marshall Goodman Dec 7
Thanks to Ken Seaton and Kevin Zinger regime72 for putting in work this year. Lots of room to grow, but we got a good amount done in 2018.
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Reel Big Fish Dec 7
Only TWO WEEKS left till our NEW ALBUM "Life Sucks...Let's Dance!" comes out!! Who's excited!?!?
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311 Dec 5
Heated Battle Nick vs SA - at the airport on the way to Vegas!
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The Skints Dec 6
He sing. He drum.
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Dirty Heads Dec 5
Only 2 days until Any Port In A Storm is out on vinyl. Did you order yours yet?
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Yesod Williams Dec 3
You guys ever seen the movie ? 🤝. pc:@inthebarrelphoto
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pepper Dec 3
First set of is done! Catch us again today at 4:45! 📸: In The Barrel Photo
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KevinLyman Dec 1
I can only hope that if you went to a show tonight you wore earplugs. Sadly I have been avoiding most shows since the ringing in my ears is so bad. Take care of your hearing when it goes it goes quick, & I am told there is no fix. Truly sucks!
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A Matter Of Time.. Out Now Nov 29
Big big song pon tour.
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Reggae Reactor Nov 30
.: Video Premiere: Julian Marley – “Straighter Roads”
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Here is NEW Music Video for NEW Single "Straighter Roads" -- New album, As I Am, out 1.25.19 via & . Read more at
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Head over to to watch the Music Video for Julian Marley's new single, “Straighter Roads.” His new album, As I Am, will drop on January 25th, 2019 via Ghetto Youths International, Inc. & Zojak World Wide! Watch now ►
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