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Liz Gonzales
I met nearly 6 years ago when he played for the Jets and I reported for them. Back then we both had to watch what we said, and now we’re both at Barstool running our mouths nonstop and drinking FOR work. We’ve come a long way Willie!
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MerlTeez Apr 15
Willie really found his groove w the stool... happy to see him being thrown in the mix a lot more for content
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Dente's Worst Nightmare Apr 15
Good shit Liz
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Ross Smith Apr 15
Liz, you’re wine walks are always interesting. Great vehicle to get people to open up. Thx.
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Kevin Apr 15
You just missed Favre by a few years.
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Tim Hardman Apr 15
Good stuff
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Capital-Gains Cons. Apr 15
Liz is a fine reporter. Inebriated or not
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¿queti m. porta Apr 15
Nice hit from both of y’all. Thank you
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Greg Teague 📍 Apr 15
Really good stuff
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John Madden Apr 15
He’s talented & rich. You have a segment because you are a walking “wrongful termination, discriminators or sexual harassment lawsuit”. Not on equal playing fields
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