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Nathan ‘Admirable’ Zamora
My statement regarding Blitzchung, Hearthstone Grandmasters, and Blizzard. I reference writing from which can be read in full here:
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Simon Welch Oct 10
Much love brother. It's been a blast casting and arguing (mostly arguing) with you over these last 8-12 weeks. Nothing but admiration for your decision, I know you as a singularly dedicated and moral man. You will be missed.
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Nathan ‘Admirable’ Zamora Oct 10
Replying to @coL_Sottle @bmkibler
Thank you, brother. All the same. The constant expanding and collapsing of the universe leading to the consciousness of our minds debating semantics with each other is too powerful for this to be the last crossing of our paths. <3
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David Caero Oct 10
Well said 👍🏻
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Zeon Oct 10
Man, you jumped the Blizzard and HS ship at just the right time
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F2K_Zeddy Oct 10
Nothing but respect to you Admirable, thank you for saying this and for your actions. Takes a ton of courage when it impacts a significant amount of your livelihood. Truly admirable (sorry had to do it)
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sunglitters Oct 10
You are encouraging more people to speak up about this, thanks for using your voice and leading with a great example. To streamers especially, your voice matters a ton. Don't ignore what's going on.
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Steve Lubitz Oct 10
Replying to @ThatsAdmirable
I’ve always respected a lot, but never more than right now.
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Anna D. Oct 10
I've known Nathan since the PVP Live/HPL days and he's been a great guy, caster, player, streamer etc. this entire time. Did not expect this to be any different. Thanks for speaking up, admirable. That's admirable 😛
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Wabeka Oct 10
The world needs more Admirables.
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DougDoug Wreden Oct 10
This has gotta be incredibly tough, I respect the hell out of you for standing up for your beliefs even when it's costly. Hope all is well friend, let's get a beer sometime soon <3
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