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Techno Fog
The report on Durham reviewing Clinton Foundation investigation: 1) Agents/FBI managers seek subpoena of CF 2) Top DOJ criminal division officials deny request Did Andrew Weissmann deny the subpoena? In 2016 he led the Fraud Section. -any idea?
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Techno Fog Sep 24
Replying to @Techno_Fog
Potential answers to our questions (from a generous person) - look to the DOJ Public Integrity Section. Prior AP reporting: "Public corruption prosecutors in Washington expressed disinterest in working w/ the FBI on a Clinton Foundation-related investigation in 2016..."
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Robyn Parker Sep 26
Top to middle managers should be sufficient. But that goes for ALL the fed agencies.
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iJudo Sep 24
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JoeS Sep 24
He said "top DOJ.........."former" officials"-right? And they are also interviewing current employees who do not require a subpoena.
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#FlynnSafe Gag LIFTED🌟 🌟 🌟 Sep 24
Guess who sent me.... ~ 1. 7.
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Mermaid Hair Sep 24
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President–Elect: Rëđ Wávę Sep 24
Just wanted to say, YOU'VE ALWAYS been my FAVORITE Anon. Always!!! 2nd fav is
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No Apologies Tour - Reclaim WA State Sep 24
This ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ would be glorious.
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