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Babak Aug 30
US Households Free Liquidity (Non-Equity Liquid Assets Less Liabilities) relative to total stock market capitalization (Wilshire 5000 Index) suggests retail investors don't have any 'fuel' to add to the bull market: chart via NDR
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Babak Sep 5
Replying to @themarketear
The seemingly eternal bid under equities: buybacks. chart by Credit Suisse via
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Corporate America is using its profits to buyback shares instead of investing in capex, innovation and the platform for the next generation of profitable ventures. No one knows when but at some point "the well" will be depleted. chart via Torsten Slok at Deutsche Bank
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Jake Sep 6
Replying to @TN @themarketear
So CAPEX as a % of GDP higher than 20 years is bearish?
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