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TAP Network is the first decentralized advertising network for consumer rewards and brand insights. To find out more visit
Tweets Mar 16
Lin Dai, our CEO, explains the history of reward programs and how TAP is going to break the old paradigm and model in order to benefit consumers; as opposed to the reward programs of yesteryear, which exist for the sole purpose of increasing revenue.
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With our new Hooch update getting a giftcard that you want, literally takes a second .Press redeem and you can select from Hulu, restaurants, online services (Crunchy Roll), and more. It is super easy to earn TAP as well. No catches or annoying hoops to jump through. !
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PRESENTING: Tap Network White Label Rewards for brand and employee loyalty:
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Many companies do not take your data protection seriously; and that trend will continue. Tap Network will continue the fight for consumer data rights, so it is the new norm: b
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More on the Brave and Tap Network partnership:
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Article for Tap and Brave partnership: Get ready crypto !!!!
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We are proud to team up with Brave. Our entire team could not be prouder to work with a project that is on the front lines of adoption. Check out our brief promo video:
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Excited to see the crypto market gaining 15 billion in four days. Crypto had a bumpy ride, but the use cases are undeniable. Check out our Medium: to see how easy it was to use TAP during our travels to some of the most popular destinations, like NYC.
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You will be able to redeem them for giftcards and vouchers at your favorite stores.
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Thank you Hooch and Tapcoin for my Tapcoins that i can redeem for giftcards and vouchers and for giving me my Disney hotel for 80 usd instead of 300 usd per night at list; basically making my Disney experience free!!! Having a blast 🧚‍
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People are sick of the old paradigm where our personal data is brokered and stolen by big multinationals for profit. Articles like this prove the Tap model is needed !
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Check out this featured restaurant in New York : Tao Uptown is a upscale and unique Asian fusion restaurant. Book with our concierge and get a free round of champagne for you and your guests with your Hooch membership. Perfect for Vday.
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Tapcoin wants you to party epicly but also safely. Check out these tips by the harm reduction network for a safer night out:
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Happy Data Privacy Day ! Essential reading:
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Want to party like a rockstar!!!! Win tickets to the Warner Music Group and Hooch pre-Grammy bash. Details here:
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Want your girlfriend or boyfriend to think you were a pro mixologist in the past? Try this epic V-day recipe.
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Sample trip from one of our Hooch team members: A four day Disney get away the week of Valentine's Day from Friday the 15th to Monday. 400 dollars in total savings pays for the Disney Park Hopper 4 day for two. NO BRAINER !
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wanted to reach out what is a good contact email for your org ?
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Tapcoin's mission goes beyond giving premium rewards to our subscribers. We believe in doing our part to create a playing field where you know what is happening to your data; instead of scenarios like this:
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Planning a post holiday trip? Check out our Chicago hotel savings. Grab Hooch, now with Tapcoin implementation, to get savings up to 70% off at other premium hotels plus earn Tapcoin while your at it.
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