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TAP Network is the first decentralized advertising network for consumer rewards and brand insights. To find out more visit
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THE OFFICIAL AMA IS LIVE!!! We got all your questions, and we will soon pick the most upvoted question along with the "CEO'S favorite". PRIZE: 100 TAP or BAT MERCH. Good luck to everyone!
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AMA on May 20th @ 9:30 to 10:30 PT on the on Reddit. Our CEO Lin Dai will be taking the questions submitted in the comments on the official Reddit thread. Special thanks to our partners for hosting!
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Facebook may have connected friends and family at the start, but it has emboldened companies to do the wrong thing when it comes to privacy and data protections. TAP believes in doing the right thing over profits! Change is coming!
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Tim Cook echos what we have said since day 1: Privacy and data ownership is a major problem in the tech age. That is why TAP is already changing the status quo, in hopes it will become the new norm.
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REMINDER: please do not store your cryptocurrency in a unsecured place like an exchange! Get a Trezor or Ledger, use 2FA, and encrypt any private keys. With TAP and Plaid technology, your credit card info and TAP balance will not be stolen or compromised.
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Facebook, in order to protect us from ourselves, blocked a Australian business from boosting an ad saying they accept Bitcoin as payment. Meanwhile they are mired in controversies. TAP and Brave is the better way to get your message across.
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Check out the Coindesk coverage! Our partnership with Brave promises to bring over 250k + partner merchants and brands to their platform. We are proud to be involved with a platform where 70% of the money companies spend for ads goes to Brave users!
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Here is another example of why the paradigm in data privacy and protection must change. The end user should not have their private data sold off without giving their informed consent. (Hiding a waiver in T&Cs is not informed consent; it is deceptive.)
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Check out this abbreviated interview (the full one is 9 minutes and available on our Telegram channel) with Daymond John of Shark Tank fame and our CEO Lin Dai at the launch party.
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We are featured in The New York Times: Millennials and Generation Zs are demanding better treatment and value. Our CEO, Lin Dai, has heard their call to action:
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"There’s a traditional thinking in the loyalty industry that when consumers are spending points, it’s O.K. to charge them full price because it’s like monopoly money to the consumer. We think we should just get the consumer the deepest discount."
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TAP Coin, TAP network, and Hooch: what are they, and how are they disrupting the current loyalty and ad framework? Read this to find out how it all works.
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Check out SkrillaKing's latest video on the Hooch platform and our stable coin, TAP. When you use the Hooch app to dine at your favourite venues and stay at premium resorts, you can earn up to 10 % back in TAP. You can redeem that TAP for awesome rewards.
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Most projects in the crypto sphere have failed. Through hard work, perseverance, and amazing dev teams, TAP via the Hooch app and Brave were able to beat the odds. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON PROJECTS!
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Were you planning on taking an Uber home after earning 5 % TAP back at your favorite food and drink venue? Well, now, that nets you an additional 1 % back in TAP too. In addition, there is several national brands where you can earn 1 % back along with Uber.
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Lin Dai, our CEO, explains the history of reward programs and how TAP is going to break the old paradigm and model in order to benefit consumers; as opposed to the reward programs of yesteryear, which exist for the sole purpose of increasing revenue.
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With our new Hooch update getting a giftcard that you want, literally takes a second .Press redeem and you can select from Hulu, restaurants, online services (Crunchy Roll), and more. It is super easy to earn TAP as well. No catches or annoying hoops to jump through. !
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PRESENTING: Tap Network White Label Rewards for brand and employee loyalty:
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Many companies do not take your data protection seriously; and that trend will continue. Tap Network will continue the fight for consumer data rights, so it is the new norm: b
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More on the Brave and Tap Network partnership:
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