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Susan Hennessey
1. Trump has admitted to the essential substance. 2. Is acknowledging that the reports, if accurate, would be an abuse of office? 3. Does he feel any responsibility to get to the bottom of whether there is truth underlying these allegations?
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Alex Wild Sep 22
Cornyn is nothing but an empty suit, an emotionless machine built for the self-enrichment of a ruling class. It's as pointless for real people to ask him anything as it would be to have a conversation with a parking meter.
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Farooq Butt Sep 22
Cornyn is just doing his usual job: minimizing and trivializing to help Trump.
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Steven O Sep 22
Cornyn. Does. Not. Care. !
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Mac Sep 22
Head under the covers will make it all go away.
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Jack Wallen Sep 22
It's pretty simple: The second the admits trump is in the wrong with this, they admit to their own complicity in not standing up against his corrupt and amoral behavior. They're going to stick to their story until it lands them out of office in 2020.
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Ray D'Antuono Sep 22
Here's what I would ask the Senator, given the chance: "If the reports so far are true, how will you justify your vote of acquittal to future generations when you are confronted with casting a vote on impeachment?"
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Jamie O'Neil Sep 22
Trump admitted this very morning. So has Guilliani. Soliciting help from a foreign power to interfere in an election, and withhold authorized congressional money...Trump said he would do it in June, he did it 2016, and he admitted this morning he did it
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Dana Weber Sep 22
People are upset that the DNI did not follow the law and pass the whistleblower complaint to Congress. Trump’s obstruction of ALL oversight procedures demands effective action.
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Thom Sgt Sep 22
Item 2. A rather optimistic question. If Cornyn (A1 party hack) is talking, the fix is already in. Item 3. Absolutely not. More likely he feels a need to assist in burying the body.
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Sam Kermani Sep 22
Replying to @Susan_Hennessey
John Cornyn is one of the worst individuals in the Senate. When they go low, vote them out.
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