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The Drive 7h
Plan for Diffley Road safety upgrades includes fewer lanes, new roundabouts
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Let’s Put Gates on the Minneapolis Parkways
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Christiane Cordero 18h
How to not wear your mask: a tutorial
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MPR News 19h
From bus stop ads to television spots, Minnesota plans to launch an awareness campaign about ways the public can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. The effort will move ahead despite Republican opposition
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jburcum 18h
MN infectious disease doc 👇👇
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Metro Transit Jun 30
8:20 p.m. Route 5 customers. Due to police activity near the area of Lowry/Emerson, buses are detouring and may be delayed. Customers are directed to NB Emerson/30th Ave N, 33rd Ave N/Fremont, and Fremont/34th Ave N. SB is on its regular route. Thank you. -HF
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Ben Hovland Jun 30
Encampment volunteers and EMTs responded to a medical emergency at the Powderhorn sanctuary late last night. Heavy thunderstorms began as I photographed the scene (3rd pic from my porch).
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Mankato Free Press Jun 29
The Mankato City Council voted 4-3 to hold a July 6 public hearing on a proposed emergency ordinance requiring masks in most indoor public places. The mask requirement could take effect July 7 — but only if one more council member joins the majority.
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U of M to require face coverings on campuses |
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ba Jun 29
Design for kids. Adults are boring and terrible
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William Lindeke Jun 29
Meanwhile, somewhere on the Iron Range...
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Who else is already tired of fireworks?
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MinnPost Jun 29
St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter — who can claim several elements of expertise on race, crime, policing and the Twin Cities rooted in his life story — doesn’t expect to see any of the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd spend time in prison.
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Strong Towns Jun 28
These lovely thoughts from are a great opportunity to reflect more broadly on building a place and a legacy, and how that work, when done right, is bigger than us and never done.
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Union Depot Jun 28
Saint Paul. How did Minnesota’s capital city grow into a bustling economic powerhouse of the early 19th century and what roles did trains have in this? Let’s find out as we look back on the history of railroads in Saint Paul.
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New Housing Lowers Rents in Minneapolis; St. Paul, Not So Much
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Adam Froehlig Jun 28
Can someone in my MSP Twitterverse get me pics of 7th and Robert in downtown St. Paul, please? Looking in particular if Highway 3 is signed through downtown.
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Metro Transit Jun 22
If you’re riding with us, please wear a face covering. Curious about COVID-related updates?
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Unicorn Riot Jun 26
Minneapolis: Justice for Breonna Taylor Protest
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