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Craig Murray Nov 19
I watched this live and it was NOT the first applause for Corbyn, who was surprisingly well received. A plain Kuenssberg Tory lie, built on a claque set-up. I was looking through Kuenssberg's election twitter stream for Arcuri. Not. One. Single. Mention. Never. Happened.
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Steve W
I've took to referring to her as Laura Kuenservativeberg. As for the Arcuri silence from Laura.... who knows but if you watch footage of her interviews with Johnson.....
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Diane Furminger Nov 19
Ooer missus...... Reminds me of the Dusty Springfield song "🎵 The look of love, is in, your eyes.... 🎵"
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Steve W Nov 19
I can't imagine her even being civil to Jeremy Corbyn never mind this doe-eyed love in. Laura will have to pony up £10,000+ in extra taxes in the event of a Labour government.
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Lemondrop Nov 20
She will be panicking. It's ok that The Poor & destitute have to suffer but when it comes to having to pay more tax to help fellow man, then they can't stomach it. Greedy Capitalist Tories. All for themselves. You can't take money with you. Help those that are needy.
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