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Stephen Jones MP
Department of Social Service has just confirmed to Senator at COVID Senate Committee that people who have drawn down their super to put it in their savings account may be precluded from JobSeeker payments due to liquid assets test.
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💧Chris Murray Jul 29
Of course ...
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David J O'Brien 🌏💧 Jul 29
PM called it "An asset test for liquid asset reduction". *End of Sept will see >2M ppl on req' to incr' communications with & there'll be >3M ppl on communicating in regards to their bank balances=Long queues, a call centre tsunami& poor service.
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myknittingwool Jul 30
We tried to tell them here ,, never use yr superannuation till yr retirement,,,
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💧Chris Murray Jul 30
Wait until they find out the penalty for early withdrawal of super ... ie, the tax advantage for having put it in, in the first place.
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mira mcnair Jul 30
People will be forced to keep their super withdrawals under their mattress.
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TG Jul 30
The assistance package you have when you don’t really want to assist.
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Ed Jul 30
Seriously if they lost there job there allowed to get it!!!!!
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Terry Murphy Jul 30
It never stops, does it! They take EVERY opportunity to put the boots in.
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Blue October 💦 Jul 30
This people just don’t stop for anything. Utterly disgusting!
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