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“If one stitched together a temporary FTA - (for use) whilst the talks go on for something permanent - that would in principle, if it were a zero tariff FTA, be compliant with Article 24 of GATT“ Martin Howe QC
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aljan.❌#StandUp4Brexit Jan 24
Excuse me if I'm confused !! But doesn't the so called deal cover a whole spectrum of issues. Trade is just one issue out of hundreds so why is the deal so dependent on trade. We need to look at all the issues as many are not in our interests. I'm confused
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#StandUp4Brexit Jan 24
They’re talking in context of “no deal”. In that scenario, as long as an FTA is in the process of being negotiated, under Art24 of GATT, UK & EU can continue to trade on existing terms ie zero tariffs Such an FTA may take time to initiate, so a temp. FTA could be used in interim
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