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How to connect with friends while staying at home
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My work is still open but I cannot go in or work from home, what am I entitled to?
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I am unable to work due to lack of childcare, what am I entitled to?
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My working hours have been reduced due to COVID19. What can I do?
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In the latest episode of the 'Change the World' podcast, Lariane looks at the impact of the fast fashion industry across the globe and what actions we can take to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 12.
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Ciara talks about the little things she's looking forward to doing again in the future after the coronavirus pandemic
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Abbie talks about how she feels about the uncertainty of her exams and the lack of communication, and why she believes we urgently need a decision on the Leaving Cert
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Students call for cancelling of State Exams following a survey of more than 46,000 Junior and Leaving Cert students in Ireland
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Why eating disorder stereotypes are so harmful
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How the Leaving Cert confusion is affecting me - A volunteer shares their experience
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We know the uncertainty about the is making it an anxious time for lots of people right now. You might feel better after talking through your worries and stress with our text line team. You can connect with them 24/7 by texting SPUNOUT to 086 1800 280.
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This is a hard time for everyone, and there are mental health supports out there to help you. Find a list of these supports here:
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Feeling lonely during social distancing? Here are some ways to feel more connected
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Feeling anxious, stressed or worried? Or could you just do with someone to listen? We're here right now if you want to chat. Anonymous, over text and open 24/7 Text SPUNOUT to 086 1800 280 to start or find out more - . Standard text message rates may apply
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Everyone needs to stay at home to help slow the spread of coronavirus. By doing nothing, you’re doing a lot to save lives. Visit for more information.
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This , we're sharing this story from a reader about their experience of living with autism & mental health issues
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Our volunteer Roisin shares her tips for keeping your body and mind active during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Are you aged 16-19 living in Ireland? How is impacting your daily life and activities? wants know through a short survey at
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Happy World Autism Day! AsIAm is happy to announce it's World Autism Month campaign. Help the rest of the country with our paper airplane challenge!
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JigsawYMH Apr 1
Eimear, Jigsaw clinician, walks us through a 'brain drain' exercise that can help us when we start to overthink. You can find more like this at ➡️
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