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Ahead of our in-flight abort test for —which will demonstrate Crew Dragon's ability to safely carry astronauts away from the rocket in the unlikely event of an emergency—our team has completed over 700 tests of the spacecraft's SuperDraco engines
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SpaceX Sep 12
Replying to @SpaceX
Fired together at full throttle, Crew Dragon's eight SuperDracos can move the spacecraft 0.5 miles—the length of over 7 American football fields lined up end to end—in 7.5 seconds, reaching a peak velocity of 436 mph
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RAB Sep 12
Can we just hurry up and get to Mars ! Please ! I want to still be alive to see it !!
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Gary Branigan Sep 12
ME TOO, dang it!! Let’s get a move on guys!
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Viv 🐉 Sep 12
Hypergolics are a beast
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... Sep 12
Pump up the volume!
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Jason Sep 12
Is there a timeframe for the next test?
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Space Coast Life Sep 12
Net November 11 2019
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LeJules 🇪🇺🇩🇪 Sep 12
When can we expect the IFA?
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Mario Billiani 🚀 Sep 12
NET Nov. 11 according to my sources.
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Matt 🚀🌌 Sep 12
Amazing and one question about this flight? What Falcon 9 Booster will "Sacrifice" itself for this flight the have been rumors that SpaceX switched from using B1048 to B1046 for the In-Flight Abort Test?
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Chris Grant ™ Sep 12
B1046 was the last rumored booster from all the reddit threads.
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