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De IJslandse omroep krijgt een minimumboete van € 5000.
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Zien we Ruth Lorenzo terug in 2020 in Rotterdam?
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SRF ESC Sep 16
❤️Thank you for 515 songs💥 Today at 12:00 the submission period for songs in came to an end. The juries will soon start with the evaluations. ✅
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BBC Eurovision🇬🇧 Sep 16
Rotterdam 2020 🇳🇱Today we are pleased to announce our collaboration with record company BMG for next year’s ! Find out more here 👉 🇬🇧
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Dit jaar eindigde het Verenigd Koninkrijk op de allerlaatste plaats.
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Variety Sep 13
Live Nation Sued Over Madonna’s Performance at Eurovision Song Contest
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Wie noteert ‘Söngvakeppnin 2020’ alvast in zijn agenda?🇮🇸
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Schrijft Regi het winnende lied van 2020?
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BBC Breakfast Sep 13
Bjorn Ulvaeus talks about return next year... but he won't give us an exact date 👇🏼
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SBS Eurovision Sep 12
Calling all songwriters from across Australia! Enter your original song for the chance to be part of Eurovision - Australia Decides 2020. The song portal is now open.
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Kate Ryan Sep 13
I’m happy announce that my new single Wild Eyes will be released 27 September ✨ You can be the first one to check out the song, just pre-save
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Update: Er zitten twee Vlaamse bedrijven in de top tien!
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Kate Ryan Sep 12
Throwback to last month at Antwerp Pride 🤩 Thanks for an amazing party ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Stay tuned for BIG NEWS tomorrow 😎
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Eurovision Belgium • Netherlands Sep 12
Ook minder jonge mensen hebben een plek op . 👴👵
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dunclaurence Sep 12
Just saying. I’m listening to my new single as I tweet this.
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AD RD Voorne-Putten Sep 9
Duncan Laurence maakt geen haast met opvolger Arcade
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musicpowerblog Sep 9
Duncan Laurence wil steengoede opvolger van Arcade via
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Songfestivalweblog Sep 9
Onze collega’s van spraken met Duncan Laurence: ‘Songfestivalliedjes? Leuk, maar festival moet meegroeien met huidige popindustrie!’
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Our interview with in English! ’ should evolve together with the music industry!’
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