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TW|TTER Savage 1 Sep 18
Thanks to for posting this recording of John MacArthur addressing the new seminary students to TMS. He claims Jane’s story is “Absolutely fabricated” then goes on to fabricate all of the facts. Here’s my response in red.
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So you're part of the group MacArthur says is an attack led by Satan against him. Well done. Anytime people in power discredit accusations by claiming they're on God's side and you're on Satan's side, they give away their intent to be spiritually abusive and act in bad faith.
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Kimberly 1 Sep 18
Yep, when the facts aren’t lining up, claim divine attack. I have seen that play before. God gets credit for so much crap. So does Satan. How do you argue w/the supernatural?
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SometimesPDX 1 Sep 18
You do it by shining a light on their hypocrisy, duplicity, arrogance, and double standards.
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PaulsWalls16 1 Sep 18
That dirty word again...
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