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Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐
Excellent. Now we know names of more than 2000 political operatives masquerading as lawyers but who have no regard for the Rule of Law. Guess they forgot dismissed Stevens' case for like reasons & Judge Sullivan granted. Read the book!
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SuperEliteBill May 11
Sidney I read your book and it was an awesome read. Thank you.
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MJ May 11
I’m not a smart as Sidney, but this was my initial reaction as well...
Reply Retweet Like🇺🇸 May 11
0.017681277295472 percent of the total 2019 DOJ employees I call BS on MSM! Gas-lighters!!
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henry jones May 11
Saved us a lot of time
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stephenf May 11
Yup. Nice to have a list all handy like that.
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Al Lozano May 11
Bye, Felicia!
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James Conrad May 11
I give my vote for AG BARR to keep doing a Great job.
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n longmire May 11
i find troubling that there is so much interpretation of the law.. you would think a process that can take someone's freedom away would be much more concrete. or has this whole saga allowed lawyers to allow political bias to usurp the letter of the law for a verdict they want
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Carol Sayer May 11
Yes print the 2000 names out we just want to know who these deep state swamp creatures are!!!
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ed moore May 11
Very well said.
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