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So I updated my phone to IOS 12.0.1 today and now my Touch ID won’t work anymore
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Apple Support Oct 9
Replying to @ShawniBoyMendes
Hey there. Thanks for reaching out to us. We know how essential Touch ID is to your iPhone experience. Let us help. Send us a DM and let us know which iPhone you're using. We'd be happy to chat with you there.
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Hershey Causapin Oct 10
same here
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estella Oct 10
they told me that it is a problem with the hardware and i would have to get it repaired
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Apple Support Oct 11
Replying to @CausapinHershey
We'd love to look into this with you and help in any way we can. Please send us a DM and let us know all about what's going on when you attempt to use Touch ID on your device. Which model of iPhone are you using?
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Gezzerree Viado ♡ Oct 11
they've messed up iphones again because of the new ios
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