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Tweets 19 Sep 18
We donate about 20 trade-in sets away, waiting in loading bay for transport to pick them up. This is evidence of good quality products we offer, so much so that many home owners were willing to give up their existing water system for Hyflo water system.
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A healthy person should has body pH range of about 7.36 to 7.4. To maintain such pH l...
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According to Dr Lance Wallace, USA, chlorine in water is a cause of asthma.
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What is the best time to drink water? chilled water is good? Morning warm water should be better. Any opinion?
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The best way to better future is to do your best today. Time and tide wait for nobody
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what is the best way to rehydrate your body after a long run? visit:
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Is there better & healthier alternative to tap water? click :
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Hot and cold alkaline water dispenser. $1288 with 4 free filters and installation. Vi...
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You want to stay healthy? Than try maintain your body pH to mildly alkaline of about ...
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Ex-general CEO earned millions of dollars in salary for so long still cannot solve the problems??
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Haven't I try go
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The water we drink and bath contents a toxic chemical chlorine.
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Prof. Watanabe proved alkaline water stabilizes blood pressure+reduces swelling+ deli...
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Food/beverage that is anti-oxidant slow down aging. For more info:
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Doctors encourage us to drink mildly alkaline water for better health. To know more:
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Free alkaline water purifiers for homes and offices. For more info :
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Chlorine in our water has 93% higher chance of causing cancers.
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