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The latest cybersecurity news, tips and features from the reporters and editors of . Security threats, data breaches, research and more.
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An app permission flaw can put users at risk. Here's how Google addressed it.
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Google's new helps ramps up security, but most users may not like the added complexity
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Why cloud reconnaissance is crucial to a secure cloud environment
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Google is using to scan for malicious Android apps.
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An flaw could enable attackers to turn it into a listening device
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Some enterprises have their own teams. Find out the right way to build one.
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Here are some common vulnerabilities that enterprises should watch out for
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"Researchers found a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol that could affect many Wi-Fi devices in the wild"-
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There are hidden risks within that can expose mobile users' data. Find out what these risks are.
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What knowledge factors qualify for true two-factor authentication? Michael Cobb of weighs in on .
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"As the ecosystem evolves, we continue to invest in leading-edge ideas to strengthen security."
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Michael Cobb of discusses knowledge factors and for mobile devices.
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explains how Google's increases user account security and the given trade-offs
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This week's Risk & Repeat podcast discusses the allegations against regarding ties to Russian government.
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An file editor led to a "bleed" vulnerability for Yahoo. Find out how.
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What are 's issues with HTTP security headers? Judith Myerson explains.
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bug bounty program asks testers to hunt for remote code execution vulnerabilities in top apps
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defense isn't necessarily stronger in the cloud. Learn more with
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How are shortcut files on vulnerable to attacks? Expert Judith Myerson explains
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Reader vulnerabilities: What can be done to mitigate them?
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