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Sean Durns Oct 22
It was often said that at a time of division, hatred for Brett McGurk was one of the few things that unified Iraqis. Interesting the are seeking counsel from a bureaucratic worm largely responsible for today’s mess, but who avoided blame thanks to a talent for leaks
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Sean Durns
A Renfield-like character, McGurk evaded blame by carefully—and sometimes not so carefully—cultivating the press. Like when he was caught banging a reporter on the embassy rooftop.
Gawker has revealed emails between a Wall Street Journal reporter and a former Bush White House official -- now President Obama's nominee for the U.S.-Ambassador-to-Iraq post -- showing that the two...
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NotMyName Oct 22
Replying to @SeanDurns @davereaboi
On the roof of the Embassy in Iraq? That’s baller but not the only ones who banged up there.
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Daddy Texas Oct 22
Replying to @SeanDurns @davereaboi
That's a pretty baller move, not gonna lie. A reporter?! On the roof of an embassy?! Bold.
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Matt Friedman, Ph.D. Oct 22
Replying to @SeanDurns
I'm not sure if one can quite sink lower than being a "Renfield-like character" (unless one were to be, say, a "Grima-wormtongue-like character"). Savage.
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