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Who stoops this low? Toxic industry takes advantage of to sidestep regulation and expand production. - what are you for?
Scotland’s salmon farmers have welcomed a temporary relaxation of regulations that will allow them to exceed biomass limits if they are forced to delay harvests because of the Covid-19 outbreak.
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Nicky Kyle Gardening Mar 31
causes and . At a time when some may be the last resort to save lives of people suffering from -induced pneumonia - relaxing is criminally irresponsible and putting !
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Nick Baker Mar 31
More madness... short term gain for a few. Surely we should be learning from this that squeezing natural systems to the limit can backfire. It just took a bat to crash the global economy after all.
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Nevis Macdui Mar 31
Was it at Bat or was it Scottish farmed salmon from Norway 🤔🤔🤔🤔
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Jodie Turner Mar 30
Happening in Canada too - NO SHAME!!!
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Nevis Macdui Mar 30
Brrrroooonn envelopes under the table.
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Jonathan Johnson Mar 31
Rules which are never enforced anyhow? When the next pandemic is traced back to fish farming it may be taken seriously, until then it’s continued abuse suffering and environmental degradation at the hands of the get rich quick multinationals
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⚫️🕷 Andrew Thompson 🇪🇺 Mar 31
I'm a fierce critic of the toxic unsustainability and greed of industrial cage . Also the 'corrupt' complicity of , SEPA & in sanctioning bad practices & disregard of environmental standards, but this tweet is OUT OF ORDER in current crisis.
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Connie Colvin Mar 31
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