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Keith Schipper
This is brutal. Early voting begins in 10 days and the and are hiding from the press because they still don't have a plan after bailing on the apps Shadow Inc built for the Nevada caucus.
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SaRa Feb 5
This is gonna be fun. Take a moment to look back and appreciate the disaster that was the 2016 NV Dems Caucus.
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TeamTrumpNevada Feb 5
Best thing is that have been adding lots of voters compared to paltry numbers, so we’re hoping they get too much to handle !!
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Lucas Carson Feb 5
Was this app also being used for coordinating with volunteers on the ground? If so, based on my experience doing that very same type of canvassing, that would grind all volunteer work to a screeching halt.
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Arthur Pogonatus Feb 5
Do they know analog pen and paper?
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...Cynically yours, Feb 5
Well, using the same well-proven paper system as all other democracies could work.
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JJC Feb 5
So scary that the Iowa caucus app coding is now widely available. So scary as to what the careless people left in it. Seems so open to hacking.
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Walt Rines Feb 5
Why r they bailing on the app?
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Observer12321 Feb 6
I guess they need to do some "quality control" too.
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Elizabeth Feb 6
OMG. We thought hanging chads were hilarious. This is better!
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