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Sara Hall
Gutted to have to drop out today at . I tweaked my peroneal doing strength training prior, but hadn't missed any training so thought it would hold up. Unfortunately the marathon exposes and I wasn’t able to run through it. Thanks to everyone for your support 💛
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Joi Jackson Perle 28 Oct 18
You’re still a champ!
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Graham Witcher. *wear a face covering* 28 Oct 18
Rest up!!
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deb chmielowiec 28 Oct 18
So sorry . Rest up and you’ll be back at it in no time. Smart decision today.
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Matt Llano 28 Oct 18
Sorry to hear, Sara! Hope you can heal up quickly!
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Shannon Pingitore 28 Oct 18
Way to listen to your body! You will recover much faster 🇺🇸
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Juan Pedro Sanchez 28 Oct 18
Only the best know when to drop out!
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Neil Gottlieb 28 Oct 18
I know it’s tough. Very. But remember the successes you’ve had the last year and what’s ahead. Just a bump in the road. Heal up and get back after it. 👍
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Molly Huddle 28 Oct 18
😞sorry Sara. Hope it heals fast, next one will be great!
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Veronika Wylie 28 Oct 18
Sorry to hear that, Sara. Be patient coming back so can all enjoy you for a long time to come!
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Juan 28 Oct 18
So sad for you Sara. Hope you are ok... looking forward to cheering you up in your next one! You are a warrior! 😊👊🏼
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