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Sam Harris
I don't agree with all of it. But this is a very good response to my remarks about encryption.
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tomas 👣 27 Feb 16
thanks for sharing. Daniel echoes my thoughts on he subject. The "Cult of Safety" scares me... A lot!
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Free Speech "Extremist" 28 Feb 16
Indeed. The Cult of Safety is scarier than the Cult of Privacy.
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Steve Stankevicius 27 Feb 16
Thanks for giving a mic to those who disagree. Clarifies differences and promotes convergence on answers.
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Mitchel Lichtman 27 Feb 16
I used to think that Sam was nuanced in his thinking and his logic. I now doubt that.
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Ozzy Gonzalez 27 Feb 16
that's a fairly large unjustified statement to make over a single issue
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Maria Petrova 27 Feb 16
Still 100% on your side, Sam. With the right legal measures, the technology should exist.
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fred 28 Feb 16
Problem is how to keep technology in the rights hands. You can't. Cf Snowden.
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