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Ahmad Al-Jallad
How did the pre-Islamic Arabian nomads of the Harrah conceptualize death and memorialize the lost? A long overdue paper in lecture form (Princeton TRI lunchtime lecture): ?
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Alexander Khaleeli Dec 8
Replying to @Safaitic
The way you discussed 'manay' in these inscriptions reminded me of a line in Zuhayr b. Abi Sulma's Mu'allaqa - would you say the two concepts match up? رأَيْتُ المَنَايَا خَبْطَ عَشْوَاءَ مَنْ تُصِبْ تُمِـتْهُ وَمَنْ تُخْطِىء يُعَمَّـرْ فَيَهْـرَمِ
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Ahmad Al-Jallad Dec 9
Replying to @Alex_Khaleeli
They do indeed and reflect the same cultural background, I think.
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El Cabbage #BlackLivesMatter 🌊 Dec 7
Replying to @Safaitic
Great lecture! Can you describe the Greek-Arabic bilingual inscription by Wa’el husband of Gobb?
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mim Dec 10
Replying to @AlCabbage045 @Safaitic
I spent the whole day thinking about Gobb :(
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