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Ronald Brownstein
Under appreciated how much this represents an offensive against blue states -
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Gerardo Ritchey 26 Apr 17
You clearly don't understand what a Donor state is. The Big Blue states + Texas (sometimes), plus debt pay for most of the country.
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Kait 26 Apr 17
New Yorkers pay more in taxes than they get back. Meaning NY and CA are less dependent on federal govt than Kentucky for example.
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christian crumlish 26 Apr 17
we subsidize you
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Tony Simone 26 Apr 17
contribute more to our city and nation than they take.
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Michael Dannenberg 26 Apr 17
Replying to @RonBrownstein
Even more under appreciated is how much of an assault it is on public education.
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Mike Bonsiero 26 Apr 17
He's saying New York, California etc already pay more than they get back in federal money even with this deduction in place
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JHWBB 26 Apr 17
@eschew_lies Bigger killer for NewYork...States that already pay far more into US treasury than they receive.
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sueinmineral 28 Apr 17
@eschew_lies That's the whole idea behind it.
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