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Róisín Shortall
More than 10 months after said agreement had been reached with SVHG, the Min confirmed to me in Dáil that legal framework to protect the public interest and ethos of new NMH is not agreed
The former Master of the National Maternity Hospital has claimed that the site for the new National Maternity Hospital is still under religious control.
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Christine Kelly 9 Nov 19
On what basis would the Church had control to the abortionists?
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Mary Wallace 9 Nov 19
Harris lies, he learned from the master.
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Neil Murphy 9 Nov 19
He’s a politician so couldn’t lie straight in the bed 🤔
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Vivian Archbold 9 Nov 19
With,his track record for lying, you believed him Roisin.😢😢
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Grim Reaper 9 Nov 19
What he said 👇 How hopes of something more honest disappear in an instant.
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karen mockler 9 Nov 19
Also set's a very precarious situation for all DDC Flat Complex's across Dublin City. Prime Location," Rejuvenation" Will be the word. "
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Drive On 9 Nov 19
Hold a referendum to strip control from the religious orders of the voluntary hospitals (section 38), which are currently funded by the taxpayer.
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Norn Eye 9 Nov 19
Waiting for the Pope / Vatican to decide if he/ they will "Alienate" the church ownership, according to Peter Boylan
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Annie 10 Nov 19
It seems you just can not believe politicians
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fweed 10 Nov 19
Opus Dei.... 🤦‍♂️
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