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Rivkah Brown
It absolutely blows my brains - and yet in no way surprises me - that the same people who have punctiliously reposted the 's every article on Labour antisemitism have remained *deafeningly silent* about the paper's open-armed accommodation of Islamophobia.
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Marlon Solomon Dec 17
As far as Jews go: virtually every Jewish account on my TL, right across the political spectrum, is calling it out. The BoD, CST etc - and yes they/we have all shared the JC's articles on antisemitism in Labour too.
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Rivkah Brown Dec 17
Oh really? This is the guy booked to speak at their recent antisemitism rally
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Dave Berkeley Dec 16
Stephen Pollard, JC editor, has a history of lying & Islamophobia. Isn't that why they hired him?
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Stanley Ogden Dec 16
What's the saying? He who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind. Only it won't be him will it? It'll be us.
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David Lewis Dec 16
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LadyDevushka#NHS#IamCorbyn#FreeNazanin🤚 Dec 17
Of course not! What a thought......
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Prof Jeff Kenner Dec 17
Not true. It is being widely condemned
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Wrenfoe ℹ Dec 17
I've seen condemnation by all political/religious sides - which reassuringly signals that there are those who are against all forms of racism but there are a handful of high profile exceptions, who clearly only see racism when it helps their political agenda.
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vir Dec 17
These folks also played their part in smearing an honest and honorable man as well despite Jeremy Corbyn helped them all his life. Now they push agenda against muslims? Whats going on in UK
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