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Richard Dawkins
I never said that, sorry. It is wrong by a huge margin. If you know who put it up, I'd be grateful if you could tell them.
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Rhoda 5 Jun 14
We wouldn't suffocate, having all just taken a deep breath.
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brendle 23 Jun 14
you said it. also, you said to tell you that you were wrong. by a huge margin. cheers, dick.
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Somite of the Devil’s Backbone 23 Jun 14
your stupidity =/= lack of evidence
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Scott T. Patrick 23 Jun 14
Can you PROVE you never said it? Are we supposed to take your denial... ON FAITH?! *vomit*
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Auld Lang Psy Costanza 23 Jun 14
"*farts* Uhh that wasn't me it was probably god or something, I don't know" - Richard Dawkins
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Houthi & the Blowfish 23 Jun 14
(extremely nerds voice) My atmospheres
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The_Costume 4 Jun 14
what's wrong with the science here? Has it been tested? No. Why deny it without proof? I'd be proud of this.
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