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Rex Chapman🏇🏼
Yesterday and were peddling a silly story. Here’s a supercut of an Arizona judge examining the affidavit collection process used by the Trump campaign. It yielded “lies and spam." he decided - & disallowed the affidavits...
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Rex Chapman🏇🏼 Nov 20
Replying to @KlasfeldReports
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Tinda Nov 20
None of this is surprising 🤦🏾‍♂️
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Cat’s Eye Photography Nov 20
The GOP after Rudy’s attempts...
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JoyceA Nov 20
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seansy Nov 20
The last 2 seconds. Lol. "No, your honor"
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Mike Quinn Nov 20
It’s maddening at this point
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BKLYN Bunny Nov 20
Thank you Arizona judge.
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Jaycee Nov 20
As a lawyer this made me curl into a ball of second-hand embarrassment.
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Kaptin Yap Nov 20
Legal opinion...are they doing this just for the $ ? ...because the trump lawyer offered no response
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Scribeguy Nov 20
I remind people desperate to believe Trump that he is now 2-32 in court cases. Republican judges, R SOS' and R election officials all have dismissed Trumps allegations as baseless. There's no "there" there. No evidence of fraud, no conspiracy. It's done.
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mo Nov 20
Who is paying these lawyers?
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