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Rep. Matt Gaetz
: I'm calling on the Florida Attorney General to launch an investigation into for potentially engaging in bribery and vote buying in the state of Florida.
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Salvatore Costello, together we can FIRE Trump ! Sep 22
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⚜Harley Robertson🇺🇸 Sep 22
: Matt Gaetz is attention grabbing again to show how detached from reality he is. Oh wait.. that's not new news.
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Rey Alexa Sep 22
& I've heard Lebron James is doing it also.
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N\C Hammer Sep 22
Excellent hopefully more will join in
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💞 SuburbanMom4Trump💞🇺🇸 God’s Light 💞 Sep 22
He should definitely be investigated for Election interference
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🇺🇸🌊 Bill in Virginia is voting for Biden🌊🇺🇸 Sep 22
Trump should be at the top of the list.
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Prettier than Kayleigh Sep 22
GOP all up in a dizzy because they’re being outspent across the board. Their desperation is palpable
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A disgruntled fiscal conservative Sep 22
Oh sweetie, the people have spoken, they served their debt to society, they deserve a voice in our democracy.
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@JWat1115 Sep 22
They should be responsible for their own debts as part of their punishment. This should be illegal!
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