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Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
I do not share the same heart as and the white nationalists he surrounds himself with. Don't be fooled by the words that were written for him. We know what is really in his heart.
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Tina Fee 1 Feb 18
How do you know what's in the POTUS heart? I don't believe your God, remember He sees all our hearts, such hate spoken, judge much?
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BamaTex 1 Feb 18
No, Bonnie, but you played a MEAN game of Candy Crush during the speech! That's IMPORTANT to all Americans....
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okceasyrider 1 Feb 18
There is no evidence of racism in President Donald Trump there are only unfounded accusations of racism from you.
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Fox 1 Feb 18
And I don't think we know what is yur heart...and it sure isn't the welfare of the United States. Resign before we force you to...YOU obviously have no idea what it means to represent your country or your constituents.
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Kenneth W. Chenault 2 Feb 18
So you are a bonafide telepath, BWC? You can actually read someone's mind and know their deepest darkest thoughts?
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Nicole Maria Vermeer 1 Feb 18
That's right! He's made his positions clear.
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