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Foreverwing 8 Dec 18
You can tell if you know about the size of the Purple Death, who is more Death or bewilderbeast?
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Richard Ashley Hamilton 8 Dec 18
Replying to @Foreverwing1
I'm assuming the Purple and Green Deaths are around the same size as the Red Death, who was definitely way bigger than the Bewilderbeast. So there ya go!
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NublessFury 8 Dec 18
Oh? Stats we know about say the Red Death was 400 ft and the Bewilderbeast was 520 ft. Is that wrong, then?
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Richard Ashley Hamilton
Really? Where does it say that? I’m not doubting you, just surprised. For those of us who worked on #, the BWB was always meant to be smaller than the RD.
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ladybrasa 8 Dec 18
Not sure where the 400ft/520ft came from, but the Dragonpedia says the RD is 99ft tall and Bewilderbeast (Valka's/Drago's) is 160ft 5.5in tall.
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Richard Ashley Hamilton 9 Dec 18
The 99 ft. must be a typo. And we never measure height. Here are the DWA-approved stats from my field guide:
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