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We’re scheduled to lose our citizenship rights in March 2019. It will be a HUGE loss Share ’s report:
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Shirley Davenport Aug 10
And what about those of us with work that takes us to Europe? Are we to lose our livelihoods?
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Adrian Foley Aug 10
Just received my new UK driving licence. Could not help but notice the union Jack flag is now printed on it. Europe flag still there though
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Kathy Cellucci Aug 11
thats a damn shame.. this govt and usa have alot in common with doing what people do NOT want.
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ChicaMusique Aug 11
It's destrying everything we'd planned.
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ColinG Aug 12
Visas like in the 80% of the world outside of Europe. We did it before we joined Europe and we'll do it again after we've left.
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Reasons2Remain Aug 13
Back to the past? Yes, we'll have no choice. But why volunteer to lose rights that give us so many benefits? It makes no sense.
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ColinG Aug 13
Depends on your point of view of course. Personally, I don't think any meaningful form of Brexit is deliverable now since GE2017.
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