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James Woods
These were left in the lobby of an apartment building. They are unsecured ballots ripe for “harvesting” by crooked Democrats. I know it’s impossible to convince them, but eventually this criminal scam could come to bite them on the ass. Two can play at this game.
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Jaron Breen May 12
At the expense.if their health .Wisconsin?
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👑🦝🗑️Mōʻī o ʻōpala 🏝️🤙 May 11
Both Parties are Crooked. Both Parties are Corrupt. Both Parties are Caustic. The more we point blaming fingers the less anything gets done. If you want to influence someone, don't do it by turning one against the other. Invoke the urge to help thy neighbor.
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Linda Aines May 12
You get more results with honey than with Vinegar!
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🦁☀️Twiterpated Lady ☀️🦁 May 14
They verify the signature on the ballot and reject if it doesn’t match your voter registration. It’s pretty straightforward and secure.
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Karen Honey May 11
Replying to @RealJamesWoods
I think California is actually a red state and that is why there is so much voter fraud in the state. Crooked politicians keep the schemes going so they can pretend they’re a blue state
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keleigh slaight May 12
No, it isn’t.
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