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🚨Europe is unraveling before our eyes. Something big is happening and the media is hiding it. The European people are awakening. The is sweeping Europe. Crowds in the UK, France & Germany have been seen chanting “We Want Trump.”
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Femme🇺🇸 4 Dec 18
Replying to @RealBasedMAGA
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Tommy Rivers 4 Dec 18
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David Allan Langcake 4 Dec 18
Brussels’s Gag Laws can’t hold this for ever it’s spilling out, Cracks appearing all the time. This is why the EU wants an Army, it’s to Quell these uprisings! This has become Soviet Europe, and it ain’t going to Jell one bit. A Nuremberg Trial needs to take place afterwards !!!
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Dr. Dad 4 Dec 18
is going to have to dig themselves out of their own problems, just like is. Good luck & God speed.
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Tara Janes 🐸 4 Dec 18
pretty sure they don't want more stuff, they just want to keep some of their paycheck to buy stuff for themselves. They pay more in taxes for other ppls stuff than ppl in New York City, and that's alot.
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Ronaldus 4 Dec 18
And to think Madonna move to Europe to escape the Trump effect.
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Pam Nationalist for Trump 4 Dec 18
I thought she moved to South America
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Life is Good 4 Dec 18
They cannot have him. They need to vote out their elites on their own.
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The Archetech77 4 Dec 18
I have been watching this for months ,and I told ya so.
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