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Friends of  Putin Sep 1
Putin came to power when Russia’s was under a social catastrophe and the government went bankrupt. Successive US administrations humiliated Russia on the world stage before Putin. He has made Russia a decisive world power again. This is why western liberals hate him so much.
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Tara Reade 🦋
I agree. Many Americans recognize the anti Russian propaganda and support President Putin.
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Robert Caruso Apr 12
Replying to @ReadeAlexandra
Thank you for your service.
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MWst Apr 12
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old-and in your way EMT🚑"Good Trouble" Apr 30
Well well well. Look what we have here.
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Recite Social May 7
Your Tweet was quoted in an article by
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shannon stoney May 10
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Larry Apr 12
Russian troll
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Jedi Squirrel Apr 12
How much did Russia pay you?
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The Century Plant Poets Apr 14
Wow Tara, so you accuse Biden and you are a member of "Friends of Putin". How interesting
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Warren Schrader Apr 24
Wait a freakin minute.....You're a supposed be this "Domestic Violence Advocate". Yet here you are....where you are lending support for President Putin. The same authoritarian leader who's country LITERALLY DECRIMINALIZED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in 2017. Get ready for the questions...
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Eli Beckman Apr 29
...Why would Americans support Vladimir Putin? He's leading Russia's renewed aggression against the US, training his sights directly on our democracy, while leaving ordinary Russians mired in poverty. That's not something any American should support.
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