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Rashida Tlaib
Can we please start the impeachment process now? Beyond the investigation, acts while in office violates the U.S. Constitution. He has used his position to profit off of the American people, to violate our civil goes on. Courage is needed.
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CATHY L. WARD 11 Dec 18
Build that wall...
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Anthony Torres 11 Dec 18
We are building the movement to impeach and remove the Trump Administration. We’d love to work with on the plan to make this happen in 2019.
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Javier Armando 11 Dec 18
You don't have to convince me, you have to convince the many Democrats who want instead to use Trump as a political playball for 2020.
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pipilguana 11 Dec 18
Lock him up 💪💪💪
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Bad Mamma Jamma!! 15 Dec 18
Well hes not the only one profiting off of Americans your whole check will consist of tax payer government dollars? Last i checked Trump repeatedly did not take his check.
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Shonna 11 Dec 18
No doubt his children have set up several LLC's who will be taking a huge chunk of the border funding he wants so badly. Over the years, he's probably employed more illegal immigrants than he can count & really doesn't care how many cross the border. This is about the money.
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Mark McGrath 11 Dec 18
And Trump is doing his big-time wrestling thing and Schumer is falling for it. It’s all a show. We need serious people to take care of serious problems here.
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