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Raptor Engineering
Since / isn't responding to the community upstreaming attempt for on at , we've started providing builds of the patched browser here: 😁
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Luca Barbato 26 Oct 18
If you forward them to probably I can nag somebody.
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Raptor Engineering 26 Oct 18
What would be the best way to do that? Email or something else?
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Karel Gardas 26 Oct 18
Cool! This is indeed a way if ignores you, not ideal, but still a way how to deliver at least some browser to the ppc64le community. Thanks!
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FsE 27 Oct 18
Please try to forward Patch on Iridium and work to push Iridium on Debian reposotory. I heard tenfourfox developer is trying to make JIT for Firefox, if you could provide him some help could be awesome
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olddellian 28 Oct 18
As far as I know, the TenFourFox dev doesn't have a Twitter (not that I blame him) so if you want to keep up with his work, checking the site is probably your best bet. Most recent news is that the JIT code-generator for is halfway done:
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