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Richard W. Painter
Good pick. It's time to have some adults in the room. Trump expected to name Kirstjen Nielsen as DHS secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen, John Kelly's principal deputy chief of staff, is expected to be named secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, according to a source.
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Malcolm P. Johnson Oct 11
Replying to @RWPUSA
It doesn't matter what adults are in the room, if the Chief Adult won't listen to them.
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Schrödinger's Cat Oct 11
Replying to @RWPUSA
Meanwhile the S.S. Trump keeps looking for its iceberg
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K Lowgren Oct 11
Replying to @RWPUSA @Scotus and 2 others
B/c DT will be removed any day now,why is an illegitimate in WH allowed to make noms & fill positions?
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