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Can you tell me more about Celia Mac Tir? How did she die? What was she like? Thanks!
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David Gaider 30 Mar 15
@arielle1120 Sorry, who is that? Someone related to Loghain?
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RoseOfStone 30 Mar 15
His wife? The only information I know about her is that she was the daughter of a cabinet maker.
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David Gaider 31 Mar 15
@Turimanco @arielle1120 Aha! So you are correct. Ah well, that means the Second Lorebook is wrong on that point, sadly.
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RoseOfStone 31 Mar 15
Replying to @davidgaider
@Turimanco Thanks for the source! & it's only a name, there are certainly bigger things to be wrong about than first names. xD
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