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Share your stories of the Canterbury earthquakes in your own words. Get involved and help shape this living memorial to share with future generations.
Tweets 21 Feb 16
Includes lots of content from QuakeStories
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Five years on, how are you finding it?
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NZHistory 3 Sep 15
Today in History 4 Sep 2010, Magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocks Canterbury
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The Press Newsroom 26 Aug 15
And forget 140 characters - can you sum up the last five years in Canterbury in just one word?
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Being attacked by mannequins wasn't half of Jayne's 22 February ordeal:
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Rosalee Jenkin 21 Feb 15
Decided it was about time I contributed my own story to and
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Two excellent new Quakestories were submitted in yesterday, on the 4th anniversary of the 22 Feb quake. Have a read!
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Two new stories in the last day! One on the Risingholme Orchestra's wanderings and one on a happy reunion:
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Rippling hills and mini tsunamis - Barbara shares the story of a historic quake near Marlborough:
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A Marlborough resident compares the first Canterbury quake to those that hit Seddon last year
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The funny and not-so-funny stories of repairs and dealing with EQC
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Matthew was staying on the 24th floor of the Hotel Grand Chancellor on the night of the first big quake:
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Let us know how you're finding things four years on:
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Sarah speaks of how a major historical event like the Spetember quake was woven into people's personal histories:
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Joan's written a beautiful account of coming together to clean up the eastern suburbs. A real pleasure to read!
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ChCh 100 years ago 20 Jul 14
The work of cutting away the overhanging rocks on the Sumner Road is continuing apace
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UC CEISMIC 15 Jul 14
Have you told your story yet?
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Hilary tells the story of her family through the emails sent and received after February's quake:
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Some very interesting emails documenting the process of being red zoned, and moving on frmo Horseshoe Lake.
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A really touching story about organising help for the eastern suburbs came in at the weekend:
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