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Amud 1 skull - largest Neanderthal brain volume at 1736 cc (Modern avg = 1350 cc) - 41,000 years old from Israel
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Dave Meyer-Lindenberg 24 Jun 17
Replying to @Qafzeh @dcbyron
Wonderfully preserved teeth!
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Daily Rotation 24 Jun 17
Replying to @Qafzeh
Any idea how old the individual was when he died... ?
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Shaza 24 Jun 17
Replying to @Qafzeh @SBakerMD
And has all his teeth! Lack of carbs = not much decay!
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Shina 28 Nov 17
Replying to @Qafzeh
Big eyes big nose no chin big brain.. All teeth intact..stellar find!
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