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Project Veritas
UPDATE: has completely removed from the USA trending list. Over 100,000 tweets in 9 hours and it has now vanished. You worried ?
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Joel Givens Nov 4
Wonder how many times has been to “the island”?
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CaliAnon Nov 4
Still trending #1 for me.
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Carrie Hemler Nov 4
Still in my “For you” trending but if you click Trending and see the top is gone. No longer there
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Michael McBee Nov 4
Still here. Not sure what your looking at.
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Dezzie Nov 4
It was gone - came back & then was gone again within 15 minutes...never seen anything like it.
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🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈Chase Sheppard🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 Nov 5
What do Christmas lights and Epstein have in common? They don't hang themselves.
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Merry Christmas! Nov 4
Why would they want to make disappear?
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Proud #Cult45 Member Deplorable Karen ♥️ {⭐} 🐾 Nov 5
Because they were part of it. Too many powerful men join in on those trips and participated. They need to be exposed.
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