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Political Polls
Poll (12/3-7): Warren 23% Sanders 19% Biden 19% Buttigieg 14% Yang 5% Bloomberg 5% Klobuchar 4% Gabbard 4% Booker 2% Castro 2% Steyer 1% Williamson 1% Delaney 0% O'Rourke 0% de Blasio 0% Inslee 0% Harris 0% Ryan 0% Patrick 0%
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Political Polls Dec 13
Replying to @Capitol_Weekly
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Shawn Olson 🔥 #Bernie2020 Dec 13
Bernie is the most consistent candidate by far. •Sign up, Volunteer, and Donate
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DavidBLong Dec 13
Yes. Bernie had a consistent base. But that's all. No growth
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canadafortulsi 🧢🌺🌹 Dec 13
!! 2nd poll at 5%+
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Dad Isn’t Mad Dec 13
Can y’all label whether it’s qualifying poll or not?
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Mark🧢 👔🔮 Dec 13
California polls are not. Only national, Iowa, Nevada, NH, and SC.
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gman123 Dec 13
An unrated poll. The A rated polls have Biden ahead. Check out 538.
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Berenger Dec 13
538 just said the election is impossible to predict at this point. Which is obvious.
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Aaron Kinney Dec 13
California should be a totally separate country.
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Vladimir Franklin Dec 13
In that scenario they would take nearly 35% of America’s gdp with them. They would be the 6th largest economy in the world. The remaining part of American economy would really be sunk. Ny would lead the rest of that America btw.
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