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Stephen Wolf
That neat map has people talking about political bubbles & geography, but remember: Land doesn't vote, & precincts are arbitrary boundaries. We drew nonpartisan congressional maps for every state & Clinton won a majority despite all that red
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Stephen Wolf 26 Jul 18
Replying to @PoliticsWolf
Under this nonpartisan national congressional map, Clinton won 219 districts to Trump's 216. But the minority of districts that voted for Trump cover 84% of the land. A reminder that geography-based analyses can be misleading
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Phil Vogels 26 Jul 18
Except in the Senate...
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Jon 🦖 26 Jul 18
These “nonpartisan” districts here seem to significantly sacrifice geographic compactness, which is the number one standard for district drawing.Gerrymandering districts to undo democrats natural disadvantage in their base being concentrated in urban areas is still gerrymandering
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