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Stanisław Barańczak, 🇵🇱 poet, translator, dissident and Harvard lecturer was born in 1946. He once said he was a full-time translator and a part-time poet but in a way everything he wrote was poetry. Here's a sample of his word mastery: a poem in 🇵🇱, or is it in English ⁉️
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It's Potato Pancake Day! It might well be a local observance but the fame of this traditional 🇵🇱 dish goes far beyond. Served both as a savoury meal or a sweet one, potato pancakes are a popular in 🇵🇱, especially on a rainy autumn day! ☔️ 🥞
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Wisława Szymborska wrote about the drawer as "one of the most important inventions of humankind”. "Szymborska's Drawer" in is an exhibition of her belongings: collages, knick-knacks, books📚, and other household items, leading into her private world of poetic imagination.
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How did famous Poles, often thousands of kilometres away from their country, use their talent and position to push the Polish political cause and eventually help forge an independent Poland? 👉
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Happy , Poland! 🇵🇱 The past 101 years were not always easy, some were pretty hard, some were legendary, some were marked by suffering and some were filled with great joy, but through it all, you have always made us proud! ❤️ To see why ➡️
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In just four years, the Great War “changed the skin of the world.” Previously thought impossible — Poland’s independence — became reality after 123 years of partitions. Tomorrow we celebrate National Independence Day. 🇵🇱 Here are 11 facts about 11.11! 👇
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'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt' was an ambitious project from Poland's , and it certainly paid off. No wonder ranked the open-world video game in its top ten of the decade. 👉
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Celebrate today's European Day of and Cooking with a slice (or two!) of healthy homemade Polish bread! that among its enthusiasts are Mick Jagger and Henry Kissinger? Happy baking and... smacznego! 🍞
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📸 Hundreds of photos were submitted to the 5th Lens on Development 2019 photo contest by and Poland. They present everyday life, culture and problems that residents of developing countries must overcome. WATCH THE WINNING PHOTOS 👉
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Go2Warsaw Nov 8
Foggy and cloudy morning at the Castle Square with temperature around 6’C.
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International Atomic Energy Agency Nov 6
Happy birthday, Marie Skłodowska-Curie. You continue to inspire us!
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in 1867 Maria Skłodowska-Curie was born in where she spent her childhood & youth. 'I went alone on a walk towards the Wisła. It has such a charm, that I cannot even begin to describe it' - she wrote in after years. Today a Warsaw murals remind the famous inhabitant.
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The Nobel Prize Nov 6
Happy birthday to Marie Skłodowska Curie, who was born in 1867! Marie Curie was the first person to be awarded the Nobel Prize twice, and is still the only individual to receive the prize in two different science categories. Find out more:
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The Nobel Prize Nov 6
The first woman to be awarded a , the first individual to be awarded two Nobel Prizes and still today the only individual with two Nobel Prizes in two different scientific categories: Marie Skłodowska Curie. Curie was born in 1867.
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To understand exactly what is all about, you should visit Central Museum of Textiles, located in the old Ludwik Geyer's White Factory. 🏭🏛️ While walking along its largest collection of modern artistic fabrics in the world, you can move back in time to the industrial city.
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On November 5, 1906, Maria Skłodowska-Curie gave her inaugural lecture as the first female lecturer and professor at the . The hall was packed with a curious crowd but she took little notice and focused on what she knew best, .
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The first-ever successful human heart transplant in 🇵🇱 was performed in 1985 by Prof Zbigniew and his team. 🎥 Watch the 2014 film Gods (Bogowie), with a brilliant lead performance by Tomasz Kot, to see why Prof Religa's story deserved to be put on screen!
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One of the oldest and most beautiful in Warsaw, Powązki Cemetery was founded in 1790. Among the million people who have been buried here, there were many well-known Poles, like winner Władysław Reymont, singer Czesław Niemen or courier Jan Nowak Jeziorański.
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Europe's most underrated city is Warsaw – according to . An amazing Christmas market, over 30 parks and incredible hot chocolate are just some of the reasons Warsaw is a hidden gem. 👉
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Go2Warsaw Nov 2
"Free November in the Royal Residences” starts today! Visit: 👑Zamek Królewski (2-3.11) free exhibitions 👑Wilanów (2-30.11) special touristic route and free walks 👑Łazienki Królewskie (3-30.11) free admission to the Palace on the Isle and museums
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