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Michael Acevedo 4h
Make sure to register to the free webinar I'll be hosting for this Friday. Don't missout
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Make sure to register for the PokerCoaching Premium Live Webinar today at 8pm EST/5pm PST! Jonathan Jaffe will be going over the $10K Bellagio 5-Diamond that he got 6th in for over $350K & going through in-depth tournament strategy!
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Jonathan Little Feb 25
This Friday, and I will be hosting a Free Live Webinar going over a recent Deep Run in an Online $1K Tournament. Register below to learn in-depth tournament strategy with the GTO Master!
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A new class has been added to PokerCoaching Premium from ! In this class, Faraz teaches you Exploitative Poker to Crush Live Tournaments with a focus on How and When to Increase Preflop Aggression! Check it out below!
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Replying to @aaroneknapp
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Aaron Knapp Feb 24
shipped a small one while sporting the patch. Got a nice ring.
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Good luck to everyone playing today! Make sure you are focused and prepared to play your A game, then once you get to the table, enjoy it!
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Jonathan Little Feb 22
The Future of Poker! If I have learned one thing as a professional poker player over the last 15 years, it is that I do not know how the game will change going forward. That said, here are some things I expect to happen.
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Jarred Gabin Feb 22
Study Stream is a GOOOOOOOOOOO 🥳! Time to with my partner 😎! Lets get better together 🦁!
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2 NEW QUIZZES are up on from ! If you play online MTTs, check these out and test your skills!
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Jonathan Little Feb 20
Here are 5 tips to help you crush small stakes cash games! Use them to improve your win-rate!
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Awesome! Keep it up🔥📈
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Joey Tutone Feb 19
Just watched the newest hand review and amazing stuff and insight. As a visual learner this is the type of content I enjoy watching to compare my thought process to a professional. Well worth the 2 hours!
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Nope, raising river is great there. Will get value from straights + trips.
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Replying to @Dro271 @official_glp
Nice job!🔥📈
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Dro27 Feb 18
Just scooped me a tourney on . 😎💥👍 2 final tables tonight. 8th on the 2nd one. 🤑
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Make sure to register for the PokerCoaching Premium Live Webinar today at 8pm EST/5pm PST! will be going over Final Table ICM Strategy: Analyzing the 5K WCOOP Final Table!
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Pavlos Kasselouris Feb 18
Excited that tomorrow, Ill have one of my recent wins reviewed by on , in a Live Webinar. Excited, but at the same time nervous about what he has to say on my plays. But that's the only way for improvement...constructive criticism makes you better!
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Jonathan Little Feb 17
What to think about during a hand: First off, think in terms of ranges! Work to put your opponent on a range of hands, and narrow their range as the action progresses. Also, constantly keep track of the stack-to-pot ratio. Get rid of the nonsense, think clearly, & play great!🔥📈
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Jonathan Little Feb 16
Today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of my PokerCoaching Valentine's Day Sale❤️❤️ You can get over 75% off PokerCoaching Courses and Memberships. Learn from many of the top poker players & coaches in the game and take your game to the next level!
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