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Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 May 31
Barr about to unmask all of Antifa's communications with their media and political allies Now you know why so many people are freaking out today
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Who's Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? - Brian Cates May 31
Replying to @JackPosobiec
Yes, when you get declared to be an international terrorist organization, the feds get to dig into your comms and your financial records too. Trump **never** said this designation was "domestic only". A whole lot of people are assuming that.
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More than that, under the PATRIOT Act, the gov can seize the assets of organizations and their members without notice. Anyone (Twitter) helping An+ifa can lose everything.
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PowerPointRanger Jun 1
I notice Twitter took down an+ifa's page. A CYA move.
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